Physiotherapy & Minor Eye Condition Clinics

Physiotherapy - No need to see a doctor.

Physiotherapy - DynamicHealth

DynamicHealth provides specialised services for people aged 16 years and over living with or experiencing problems from muscles, nerves and joints. These are known as musculoskeletal (MSK) problems and include symptoms such as pain, numbness, stiffness and weakness as a result of injury, strain, posture or following an operation.

NHS Physiotherapy Self-Referral       


Minor Eye Condition Service - No need to see a doctor

This is a free NHS service available from specially trained Optometrists in the Cambridge area. Minor Eye Conditions Leaflet.pdf


This is available for patients over 16 years of age with the following conditions:

  • Red eyes, red lids
  • Dry, gritty, uncomfortable eyes
  • Irritated, inflamed eyes
  • Sticky discharge, watering eyes
  • Ingrown eyelashes
  • Foreign bodies in the eye
  • Some types of flashes/ floaters
  • Recent and sudden loss of vision.

Where can I go?
A & I Lask 42 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1EN - 01223 357303
Anglia Ruskin University Eye Clinic, East Rd, Cambridge, CB1 1PT  - 01223 698070
Boots Opticians - 32 Lion Yd, Cambridge, CB2 3NA - 01223 324120
D Murphy Optometrists, 34 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8DT - 01223 351819
Specsavers, 13-15 Fitzroy Street, Cambridge, CB1 1ER - 01223 305241
Specsavers, 30 Lion Yard, Cambridge, CB2 3NA - 01223 366805

If you require immediate onward referral for a serious eye condition this can be arranged DIRECTLY to the hospital.