Travel Health


                                             Travel Health and Vaccinations

 For a full travel assessment and to find out what vaccinations you need, contact one of the clinics below.

 MASTA  Travel Clinic in Cambridge on 0330 100 4127
 Superdrug Travel Clinic 0333 311 1007
 Boots - online booking only with Boots travel vaccinations and health advice service.
Other clinics are available e.g. via Google search  

The only vaccinations we can provide are those available on the NHS (a fee is payable for NHS travel vaccinations). This includes:

Hepatitis A 
MMR (measles mumps rubella)
If your required vaccinations are not on this list, a travel clinic (payment required) can arrange those for you.
Try to make an appointment at least 8 weeks before you travel if possible. Vaccines need time  to take effect  and some may require a course over several weeks.
                                                    Further Travel Information 

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