Podiatry - Foot Care

Feet Focus - Community Foot Care

Need help cutting your toe nails or managing corns or hard skin.

Feet Focus Community Footcare (Fee Paying) Foot Service now available at all the following sites:

If you are not eligible for NHS Podiatry they offer a low-cost foot care service.

Oak Tree Centre, Huntingdon

Princess of Wales Hospital, Lynn Road, Ely

Chesterton Medical Centre, Cambridge

Brookfield's Health Centre, Cambridge


To book appointments Telephone 03307 260077   

Email  feetfocus.communityfootcare@cpft.nhs.uk

Application form: Application for Feet Focus Community Footcare


NHS Podiatry

NHS podiatry treatment in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is currently only available to those who fall into either of the following groups: 

People who have a medical condition which can make their feet more vulnerable to complications such as infections and ulcers and who require treatment for an active foot condition. Assessments will only be offered to those that have a complaint (Box A) and a condition (Box B) See form below.   

People who require a specific type of treatment for their foot ailment such as foot surgery for minor foot deformities, nail surgery for ingrown toenails, or a gait assessment for foot problems which may require insoles.  


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